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14 Dec 2012 - 10 Jan 2013. Gallery OED Cochin. PART OF THE OPEN PROGRAM OF THE KOCHI MUZURIS BIENNALE. Dhruvi Acharya, Di Ball, Kate Beynon, Laini Burton, Megan Cope, Remen Chopra, Nicola Durvasula, Marnie Dean, Simone Eisler, Chitra Ganesh, Pat Hoffie, Fiona Hall, Sonia Khurana, Monali Meher, Nalini Malani, Pushpamala Narasingarao, Benitha Perciyal, Simrin Mehra Agarwahl, Mandy Ridley, Sangeeta Sandrasegar and VEXTA! Art Monthly Article
May 25 2012 - June 16 Gallerysmith, Melbourne: See Installation Overview
See Individual works
(In German - I talk 1min 40 sec into the video in English) but a professional overview of the project and interview with me on You Tube here: Plus a link to our video artwork that screened on urban transport networks including the underground and trains.