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2007 Anima Requiem - A Funerary Garden. Whitebox Gallery.

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Within the context of global capitalism, contemporary society is increasingly disconnected with the natural world.Nature is often seen as a resource to consume and exploit.

Anima Requiem' is the first of a series of installations that explore the garden as a site for transformation; a place to reengage people with the wondrous creative forces of Nature and the cyclical processes humankind share with all living things.

The garden provides a possible avenue to remind people of previously enchanted views of the world, as opposed to prevailing attitudes of consumerism and apathy.

'Anima Requiem' is a rebirth/ funerary garden, which celebrates death as a new beginning and as a transformative process. All materials used once belonged to a living organism that has died, (including oyster shells, cow and buffalo horn, and leaves), and these have been hybridised to create new entities, symbolic of new life and metamorphosis.

Included are flocks of 'Horn Birds', which serve as spirit guides to other levels of consciousness, chrysalis forms, flowers and cast cow hooves which track from and through the earth.

It is intended to evoke 'another world' - to journey through and contemplate the ongoing possibilities of Nature and the imagination.

Materials: dried leaves, wax, sand, salt, buffalo and cow horn, oyster shells, sound piece, smoke machine.