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2010 New Order, Gallerysmith, Melbourne

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NEW ORDER, April 2010, Gallerysmith, Melbourne

What will happen if sea levels rise and engulf low-lying tracts of land?

What will be affected if global warming raises temperatures by 3 degrees?

How will Nature evolve to deal with these environmental shifts?

Questions such as these have informed Simone Eisler’s current body of work. New Order explores species’ capacity to evolve in order to survive. With organic materials such as deer skulls, fish scales, snake skin and goat horn, Eisler plays with the possibility of land-dwellers being equipped to take to the sea, and diurnal creatures becoming nocturnal. Her work creates new life forms that are ambiguously terrestrial, avian and amphibious including human forms spawning fish scale skins and animal skulls bearing protective armour.

Eisler’s creative spirit views death as a new beginning and an opportunity for transformation. New Order celebrates Nature’s capacity to adapt to a changing world and affirms Eisler’s reverence of Her power.